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Gaiam TV Resources

Gaiam TV ResourcesNow for my favorite Media station GaiamTV

GaiamTV offers the latest in Conscious Media. Video streaming service offers the best in transformational entertainment, conscious living, spirituality, health & wellness, yoga and much more.

Discover exclusive streaming inspirational movies, critically acclaimed documentaries and thought-provoking TV series. GaiamTV has something for everyone — hard-to-find independent films, family-friendly movies, meaningful stories, transformative talks with today’s most influential teachers, and much more. The Gaiam library of streaming inspirational films has been carefully curated for entertaining and engaging content.

You can watch GaiamTV for 10 day free trial After which is $9.00 per month well worth it. I would pay $25.00.

Below are a few of my favorites.:

iamI Am

The “I AM” movie feature on Gaiamtv is awesome a most watch.

The documentary I AM is the story of a man who had it all until something happened to make him realize he might have it all…wrong. After a near-death experience, Hollywood film director Tom Shadyac (Ace Ventura) decided to spark a conversation around two rarely asked questions: what’s wrong with our world and what can we do about it?

And so Shadyac traveled the globe interviewing today’s greatest thinkers. And while he may have been filming a documentary, his film reveals a plot twist straight out of a blockbuster movie: scientific proof that we are all connected. By the final scene, it’s clear that while he started out asking what’s wrong with our world, he ended up discovering what’s right with it.

mind_gaiamtv_clip_image002Dr. Joe Dispenza

When you try to change an old habit, do you wonder why it’s so difficult to change? Do you want to learn how to be more positive or resilient, but don’t know how? In this eye-opening and potentially life-changing interview with Lisa Garr, Dr. Joe Dispenza, a neuroscientist, chiropractor and author, explains how our habits are wired into our brains and what we can do about them.
He notes, “Nerve cells that fire together, wire together.”

There is something of a feedback loop at work: As you repeat your activities, the brain’s pathways stay wired to repeat that activity, and so it becomes even more difficult to change. Repetition reinforces brain behavior, and by, say, age 35, our identity becomes a set of memorized behaviors.  Change is possible, but it takes some effort and stepping out of our comfort zone. But every time you have a new thought or new activity, the neurons create new pathways (and there is dramatic video showing this happening). Dr. Dispenza explains the steps you can take to change your life, how it works and why it can be beneficial beyond your ability to imagine. Don’t miss this astonishing conversation.

mind_gaiamtv_clip_image004Lynne McTaggart

The Power Of Intention ( also an older March 2008 )

Lynne McTaggart is a best-selling author, researcher and lecturer whose work has been described as “a bridge between science and spirituality.” In this sparkling conversation, webcast live on July 18, 2012, she shares her understanding of the connectedness of all things and of the power to harness our thoughts and intentions to change the world.

Lynne is the award-winning author of six books, including the international bestselling sensations The Field, The Intention Experiment and The Bond. She has been featured in the acclaimed documentary I AM, and also on national TV shows and radio shows, including Oprah Winfrey and Deepak Chopra. (see below)

mind_gaiamtv_clip_image006Dr. Group

Dr. Group all 3 interviews will change and clean up your life’s environment. Plus he offers great products. Think you are avoiding toxins? Edward Group, author of The Green Body Cleanse, reveals where they’re hidden in our food, air, water and homes in this important interview with Regina Meredith, originally webcast on February 20, 2013.

Involved in the world of natural healing for more than 20 years chiropractor, Edward Group has transitioned from actively seeing patients to now acting as a consultant and teacher on a global scale. In 1998, he founded the Global Healing Center, one of the largest organic and natural health resources on the Internet. He currently serves as CEO and focuses on educating the global community in the facts about degenerative diseases and in the many benefits of alternative and natural products.

mind_gaiamtv_clip_image008Dr. Gerald Cohen

Healing Matrix: Gerald Cohen on The Path Home: What Your Body Wants You to Know (December, 2012) Could something as simple as light stimulate the body’s natural healing responses? Yes, says Dr. Gerald Cohen, who explains how the remarkable new intranasal light therapy works in this illuminating interview with Regina Meredith, originally webcast on December 5, 2012.

Dr. Cohen is a classical homeopath and a highly regarded researcher in the areas of science, mysticism and healing. He currently runs the Center for The Healing Process in Menlo Park, California and regularly teaches workshops and classes in the healing arts. Healing Matrix: Light Healing Breakthrough with Gerald Cohen (March 2013)  How can you help your body heal itself?

Homeopath Gerald Cohen explains how using cutting-edge diagnostics and natural healing modalities can alleviate chronic health problems in an interview with Regina Meredith originally webcast on March 6, 2013. Dr. Cohen is a classical homeopath and a highly regarded researcher in the areas of science, mysticism and healing. He currently runs the Center for the Healing Process in Menlo Park, California, and regularly teaches workshops and classes in the healing arts.   (He is the guy I would go to for balance health and for any illness) .

mind_gaiamtv_clip_image010James Forsythe

If you are in recovery from Cancer, been diagnosed or looking for preventive support, read his book and listen to this interview with Dr. Forsythe.

Can you reverse cancer? Integrative medical oncologist Dr. James Forsythe explains how he uses traditional, complementary and alternative therapies to fight the disease, in this important interview with Regina Meredith originally webcast on March 27, 2013. Dr. James Forsythe is an American author, anti-aging physician and integrative oncologist specializing in the use of human growth hormone to combat the symptoms of aging. A former associate professor of medicine at the University of Nevada School of Medicine, he founded the Century Wellness Clinic in Reno, Nevada.

mind_gaiamtv_clip_image012Jim Self 

Another favorite of mine…. All of his interviews are worth listening to and so is reading his book. “What do you mean the third dimension is going away?”. Now, more than ever, it’s becoming vitally important that humanity reach a new level of consciousness. Spiritual development leader Jim Self explains how we can prepare for this in a time when we are all desperately in need of greater spiritual growth and personal awareness in an interview with Regina Meredith originally webcast February 12, 2013.

For over 27 years, international speaker, author and leader in the field of spiritual development, Jim Self has been leading seminars on personal energy management and the Tools of Mastering Alchemy.

Since childhood, Jim has had the ability to recall his experiences within the sleep state. Over the last ten years, this awareness has expanded into relationships with the archangels, ascended masters and teachers of light.


BB-SonjaG-EnergySurgeonSurrounding our body is a field of energy called the aura. Everything that we think feel and do is transmitted through this field of energy. This energy can affect the people around us, the situations we encounter, and even our states of health. Sometimes, this field can get clogged by negativity or an unwanted entity. Sonja Grace, author and energy surgeon, explains how to remove this unhealthy energy, reduce emotional stress, and raise your vibrations 


What if you could clear your mind of habitual stories and reveal a state of joyful, present-moment awareness? Best-selling author Richard Moss teaches people how to delve deeply into their core being to discover what he calls “radical aliveness.” Moss reveals the steps for embarking on a profound journey of self-inquiry and discovery in an interview with Lisa Garr



Too many times we look for signs in the wrong places or question what we know to be true. We make the wrong choices for ourselves, thinking we need to be protected, when all we are doing is giving our energy away. If you learn to trust your heart-felt intuition, you will discover that the answers you need are already available to you. Intuitive Becky Walsh explains how to use different types of intuition so that you can stop worrying and put happiness and self love at the center of your life in this interview with Lilou Macé


LilouTalksWith_JosephCloughDay to day, we face the common struggle of being who we are expected to be, by others. All of know, that deep inside lies our true potential and our true calling. Yet, we often times feel powerless to access and live-out that potential. What would you achieve if you found a way to be safe when you live courageously and beyond your comfort zone? Master hypnotherapist, Joseph Clough offers practical advice for discovering your living your true potential.


Imagine a frequency, emanating from the silent place in our hearts, reminding us of our capabilities and overriding the programs that keep us asleep. This frequency has captured the attention of technicians and by the duly authorized agents of the Committee of the Majority. Brenda Williams recounts her journey to discover the Triad Wave and how she is bringing it to popular culture and “bringing the children home” in this interview with Regina Meredith


What if there were a way for our bodies to realign with its inherent intelligence while we sleep, allowing us to wake up feeling refreshed and renewed every single day? There may just be. Using light, vibration and sound, the Life Vessel creates a resonant frequency that takes the body to an otherwise untapped level of consciousness. Life Vessel creator Barry McNew shares his theory and supporting research in an interview with host Regina Meredith, originally webcast on September 4, 2013.

Barry McNew has a deep understanding of the human body’s natural ability for wellness. In 1998, he used this knowledge to invent a sound-and-light-wave technology that helps the human body perform its natural ability to heal itself. He called it the Life Vessel. Since then, people around the world enjoy a better quality of life after experiencing the benefits of the Life Vessel.

I sure would like to see one of these everywhere!


Here below is a website for healthy Products from toothpaste to probiotic’s:

Compton Rom

This website has high frequency high in nutrient rich products.

I am using his facial oil, tooth paste, live probiotic and marine phytoplankton
Wondering how we can help our planet’s global warming? The answer is; becoming more awakened and conscious, plus eat less animal products or no animals.

  • Live stock industry is a greater contributor to Global warming than entire transportation industry.
  • It takes over 10 times the amount of energy fossil fuel to produce a calorie of animal food then it does to produce a calorie of plant food.
  • Since 1970’s 20 percent of Amazon Rainforest has been destroyed. That’s an area the size of California. 80 percent of this cleared land is now occupied by live stock. The world’s cattle alone eat enough grain to feed 8.7 billion people. Nearly 2 billion more than the population on Earth!
  • With all most a billion malnourished people across the globe redirecting a portion of this grain used to fatten cattle can feed every hungry mouth on the planet!

Now I have been vegetarian, vegan for many years going back and forth between eating meat & then back to being a vegan. Occasionally returning to eat meat sparingly. We all must answer to ourselves what to do for own health. Keep in mind; an added reason to eat less animal products not only for your own health, but for Global warming. Please spread the word.

One last thing, on GaiamTV there was a great lecture on our trees on our planet.

Jim Robbins on Why Trees Matter under the recently added.

Somehow trees have been put a side and we are losing them in an alarming amount due global warming again! If you haven’t heard about the beetles killing the trees in Montana, Wyoming and Colorado plus spreading to other areas as well. These areas now look like a nuclear bomb went off without the trees. How can we help? Watch this interview on GaiamTV.

Persecution of Wilhelm Reich with James DeMeo (April 2013)

Another great interview by Regina

From political intrigue to pushing the boundaries of scientific investigation, Wilhelm Reich left behind a legacy of controversy and conspiracy. It may be that his discoveries have been dismissed unfairly. Research scientist James DeMeo, Ph.D., validates many of the late doctor’s findings on orgone (life) energy in this interview with Regina Meredith originally webcast April 2, 2013.

A research scientist and former university professor, James DeMeo, Ph.D. is now director of the Orgone Biophysical Research Lab. His interdisciplinary work focuses on everything from cross-cultural, historical studies on the effects of drought and deserts, the origins of warfare and social violence to laboratory experiments on cosmic cycles and life-energy subjects. He has also done extensive confirming research on Wilhelm Reich’s sex-economic and orgone biophysical findings.

Not only was the Orgone energy fascinating, and so many rights he worked for. But I especially appreciated his opinion and takes on sexuality. I like his stand against pornography. When there is love is the key ingredient which is not found in promiscuity. He was against arranged marriages. And the Don Juan character as being sexually disturbed ( I knew it all along :-), )  because he can’t give himself to any one woman, compulsive promiscuity Reich stated was considered unhealthy.

Recently read some new data on the findings of the addiction of pornography affect on our culture since the internet has made it more accessible and found the rise in mens increase of erectile dysfunction due to this.

Another favorite by …

mind_gaiamtv_clip_image014Deepak Chopra

Happiness. We know it immediately when we see it in others. We spend our time, money and even our lives searching for it. So how do we achieve one of life’s most coveted offerings? Renowned author, speaker and spiritual teacher Deepak Chopra offers us a powerful approach to possessing happiness in his groundbreaking work, The Happiness Prescription.

In this beautifully recorded presentation, Dr. Chopra draws on the world’s spiritual traditions to reveal ten powerful keys that will catapult your journey toward new freedom and joy, including: How to get rid of negative thoughts; The mystery of emotional intelligence; How to stay centered and more consciously aware; How to effectively handle stress; How to grow rewarding relationships; How to build fulfillment in life. Enjoy practical exercises aimed at releasing toxins from your mind and body, replacing fear with love, and living in balance.

Thank you for reading this and for your time. May we all become more responsible for our own health and well-being as well as for how we are living on this planet together.

Many Blessings to You and Yours,

Valarie McKenzie, L.M.P., E.P.