Fermented Foods “Kefir”

You might wonder why there would be a post here on a website about Positive Psychology? Well in recent years, science has come to learn the importance of how food affects our brains, moods and emotions not to mention our physical bodies. Now Fermented Foods is finally making the headline news of how important our gut health is and how it is tied closely to our over all health especially our brain health. Hence why I have included Fermented Foods on to this site. 

I had heard over the years the importance to probiotics so I tried a multitude forms of probiotics but never felt any difference. Then over a year ago I developed a dark stain mark above my ankle bone along with pin spots along both chins that looked like blood was pooling through the skin. 

I had a skin biopsy done on the mark on my ankle with the results stating I had eczema dermatitis. These marks don’t itch but is noticeable marks on legs and ankle. So I started doing research on this diagnoses to cure it and make it go away. I came across a blog about this man’s Eczema and all the natural cures he tried. After years he finally found Homemade Kefir to heal his Eczema hence I was inspired to start my own journey recently by purchasing some Kefir Grains to cultivate my own homemade Kefir.

After reading all the health benefits I was determine to make my own. I have included the benefits and the how to make it here:


If you think about it, ice making machines were not created until 1854. Refrigerators for homes were not created until 1913. So before that what was our food like? How did they store dairy products, meats, veggies etc… Well people ate many fermented foods back then. 

With refrigerators and mass commercial food production, our foods drastically changed and not all for the good. Hence, fermented foods nearly disappeared.

Due to so many health issues people are suffering with all our wonderful advances, we must turn to the most basic thing, what we eat. For my own journey, when I was born with asthma, I had not so healthy childhood. By the time I was on my own at 19, I turned to reading about food, nutrition and herbs/supplements to improve my health.

Over the years I have better my over all health however, I have also picked up some not so good habits and choices for food or drink. Many times changing my food around from Vegan to Vegetarian to carnivore and back and forth again and again. From here out though I will be adding to my daily food Kefir!IMG_3778kefir grains

Please feel free contact me with any questions.

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