BodyDance therapy is based on the idea that the body and mind are interrelated, that the state of the body can affect mental and emotional well-being. Dancing not only affects the physical activity of the body, but also benefits the brain. The need to learn and remember numerous dance movements produces a constant and very beneficial challenge to the brain.

The social aspects of dancing, the relaxation it produces and the joy of dancing can be very freeing. Free movement dancing without defined steps has many benefits through physical activity and releases stress.

Listening to music can be very enjoyable and soothing. Add dancing to the music and you stimulate your mind and body. Dancing can invoke feelings of pleasure and joy as well as release pent up emotions.

Dancing engages a person creatively in a process that can release tension and thereby affect their emotional, cognitive, physical and social well-being. Dancing reflects an individual’s patterns of thinking and feeling.

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Our spiritual, mental, physical and emotional lives are all interconnected. Working in one area will have very positive influences on the others. Our physical side allows us to take action, learning to move in new and positive ways that lead to more love and respect for our self. We must cherish and look after our physical bodies, which means we need to make healthy choices. This mind, body, spirit approach to health treats the whole person and not just disease. Wellness is an integrated approach to well-being.

Participating in positive mind/body activities can enhance a anyone’s sense of physical and/or emotional well-being. The below modalities can help ease the side effects from treatment or from the pressures of dealing with someone caring for cancer and thereby enhance a person’s physical and/or emotional well-being. There are a wide variety of activities that can help to make you feel better during what might otherwise be a very difficult period in life.

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