Conscious Living

Conscious Living

Conscious LivingWe have gathered information on Conscious Living here to encourage all of us to live with more awareness – to  open to the joy and positive significance of each moment and to commit ourselves to live consciously.

The wisdom that we seek is already within us. All that is needed is the process of uncovering it. By exploring our journey within, we come to a deeper understanding of ourselves and our world, where positive inner growth is possible.

We live in challenging times created by our thoughts and activities in the world around us. Our conscious attention is focused on the thousand things we have to do and say. We are often driven by our desires for fortune, fame, the right work, doing a good job, finding the right mate, improving our health, or a limitless number of other hopes and desires.

These hopes and desires, thoughts and actions, create the whirlwind of activity. We often forget that being happy is at the core of a life well lived, and that appreciating the beauty of this moment is necessary for our health and well-being. Deep down inside, all of us want to be happy, peaceful, healthy, loving and have a deep sense of ease of well-being.

As a world that looks for the latest, fastest, newest version of things in our life, sometimes we sacrifice our time to enjoy life more since we are distracted with these things and paying for them by working and earning a living. Our planet is facing some challenging times in recent human history. Our landfills on land and under plus the sea is becoming toxically filled with our waste and the wildlife once flourished in the ocean is now on the fringe of being fish out being replaces with our trash and excesses.

So how can we make a difference? Well for a start being more aware of using plastic water bottles to a minimum by using reusable containers for water. Recycle. Share, trade, donate or sell your older items instead of being new.

I am keeping my 1997 Honda CRV that we purchase one year old in 1998 which is still in wonderful condition until it is no longer functional. Thanks Mike 🙂

Living a more Conscious life is taking responsibility for all we have going on in our life and when we do this that is when the real healing begins. Remembering this is all just a journey we signed up for and that we are not our bodies, we are not our thoughts, we are infinite Beings here to experience this human realm.

When we look through the lens of gratitude, keep our eye simple and in the moment, breath and realize this is only one dimension we are viewing and that we are here for now. Coming from a place of love; love for yourself of exactly who you are in this moment, love for your loved oneness and love for each being you come across is where bliss enters because we are all one. We will be our own Live Reviewer eventually. So live a life of love. Come back to center and intention for each day, each moment and remember it is all about Love. The Beatles had it right “All We Need is Love”.


You ever feel like you need to clear the energy around you, your home or office? Well use Cedar to do this by burning Cedar and smudging yourself around your head to underneath your feet and around all corners of the room.

To bless an area in your home or office and yourself use Sage. These are Native American practices.

Below are some links to ceremonies and rituals to help us  explore our past, present and future actions along our journey within.

Just viewed this video and was truly inspired and touched. Now this is life worth living.