Below are some testimonials from my clients.

Knee Pain

“I had been suffering with knee pain for years, stemming from a car accident that damage my knee. After the 1stsurgery the pain increased. The pain got so bad, that every step I took was painful, I did not want to walk anywhere.

I eventually had a total knee replacement, which the recovery was even more painful. For many months I was in worse pain. Going to physical therapy proved to be helpful and over 3 months, the pain started to lessen.

While the pain was lessening weekly and I was no longer on pain meds, I realized I still was not walking much, unless I had to. I started walking the dog in very short walks, with lots of trepidation. I noticed that I was afraid to walk the dog. I was avoiding walking, even though my pain was less. The physical therapist started making me walk around the inside of the center, just to prove to me I could walk for 10 minutes and be without pain. I became convinced that my knee could walk, but I realized I had lots of fear. I was afraid it would hurt after being in pain for so many years, my fear of the pain was taking over, even though I had less pain.

I contacted Valarie and asked if she thought she could help me. She set up a telephone conference call with me and after working with her for about 30 minutes, I felt so relieved, I didn’t feel I needed to continue any more sessions. I felt so at ease, the fear and tears were gone. Prior to the session with Valarie, just thinking about walking, would make me start to cry. I had felt so vulnerable for so many years and after this one session, I felt like a new person. I started walking without the fear. I have been amazed that the fear and trepidation was completely gone. I kept expecting it to return, but there was no more fear. It’s been months since this one session with Valarie and the fear is completely gone, I have no pain, sometimes a minor ache, but I feel so relieved.

I spoke with the physical therapist and told him about the energy psychology session I had with Valarie and he said that often the mind holds on to patterns of behavior and senses long after the conditions have changed, phantom pain, phantom fear. Valarie is a miracle worker, and I am so grateful to know I can count on her healing techniques.” D. M.

Limiting Thinking

“I’ve been seeing Valarie for several things. The last session I had was about being to hard on myself for every little thing . Every time I would tell myself that I was an idiot, stupid, you can’t do anything right. I would shake my head. My wife would ask me whats wrong. I told her I can’t do anything right. I was so hard on myself, no matter what it was. This has been going on for some time. She would tell me, stop being so hard on yourself. Every time I would say to myself, you dummy. I could see in my wifes expression that it hurt her so much to see me doing this to myself.

I set up a appointment with Valarie for help. As we sat down and talked about this with her. I explained my all my feelings. As I did this I broke down and cryed. She ask me what is going on inside of you? I said I feel so bad that I could see how it hurt my wife so much to do this to myself. After my session with valarie I felt so much better. I have not had any problems with this sense. I feel so much better and my wife has seen a big difference in me. Valarie is so good at her perfection. She is amazing and has help so many people. Valarie has helped me with several things and has made my life so much better. I know that she can help you to.” ~ D. M.

 Core Issues

“My session with Valarie was quite eye opening. I realized things about myself that were not addressed by others. I learned some easy techniques that have helped me be more aware of what I am doing to myself and how to correct the habits that do not benefit me. Issues came up that I thought had been worked through with other therapists, but Valarie was able to peel off the layers with her blend of techniques and skills to really get to the core issue. Her knowledge of different modalities has been very beneficial in assisting me on so many levels. I was very fortunate to be given one of her business cards by a friend:)” ~ M. A.

Traumatic Experience

“I received energy work from Valarie Mckenzie while going through a traumatic experience that was causing me much anxiety.. After just one session I felt completely different about the situation and felt completely neutral about it. It’s amazing how powerful her treatments are.. Highly recommend her to anyone who needs help with anything in life..” ~ A. P.

Client Notes from Canyon Ranch Spa

“Valarie, My husband asked me last night what I thought God thought about Las Vegas, Nevada. And my response was, I’m just glad he knows where my heart is. It was nice of him to visit me through you today. Blessings.” ~ Tina Marie

and another:

Thank you for the great session and for being there for me! I know that you are an angel to Me! Thank you and I hope things work out for you and your son. God Bless.” ~ Mike V.

On Suicidal Thoughts

“Fourteen years ago I was in an automobile accident where a woman died. Even though this was due to no negligence on my part, I still struggled and felt responsible for her passing. With all my spiritual beliefs of love, acceptance and forgiveness, the loss of her life continued to plaque my heart and mind over the years. I would go through periods of times where I was stable but then I would experience dark times.

As I was approaching one of the darkest periods I had experienced, I was secretly planning my escape from this torment finally.

Valarie was intuitive and had noticed my decline, sensing something urgent. She approached my wife offering her services while inquiring what was wrong with me and was concerned. Little did my wife know of my plans for ending my life within the next two days. My wife suggested I maybe open to have a session with her. She approached me and offered her services. The following day we went to her office together. My wife sat out in her waiting room very worried and concerned.

An hour later I came out a new man. I was finally free of this torment I had been holding on to. Valarie changed my life and saved it as well. My family and friends never knew how close I came to ending my life the next day. But I did share it with her. As weeks, followed by months, the smile on my face never faded. I am free from this burden that all most took my life. Thank you dearly for your willing and intuitive heart.

Valarie you have helped so many and have even saved lives! You are so dear to us and loved.”~ MB

UPDATE: About a year later I relocated for my son’s education opportunities and moved away. I came back home for a holiday a few years later, to meet this same man at a gathering, who shared how well he was still doing from that one session we had many years ago!

From a Vietnam Veteran

“During wartime, solders witnessed hyena’s crimes. I am a Vietnam Vet who has many experiences and memories that were troubling to witness, one in particular haunted me that I don’t believe needs to be shared for this testimony. I suffered for years with this reoccurring dream of this event disrupting my night sleep for decades. Valarie had mentioned she could take care of eliminating this for me. I thought this was impossible however, she offered a money back guarantee if she couldn’t help me. So I had nothing to lose.

Within only one 20 minute session, I was freed of the memory. It no longer held me captive. She helped free me from the suffering of other memories all from the same time period. I am deeply grateful for your abilities. Free at last.” ~ BH

On Panic Attacks

“Valarie helped me enormously with major problems I was having. I suffered from anxiety and panic attacks related to being in enclosed spaces. This was so severe as to keep me from traveling in an airplane to see my family. I was afraid that a panic attack would strike while I was on the plane and I wouldn’t be able to control it.

Valarie worked with me over the telephone for several sessions. After one session I felt so much better. We followed up the next week and I was still feeling good and only had a brief session with her. As my travel date was only a few days away, I was so calm. Before Valarie helped me, the anxiety was so great I could not sleep.

I was so calm on my travel day it was just amazing. Even when I switched from a big plane to a very small 2 prop plane I had no panic attacks or anxiety.

I am so thankful for her help and for the love she has for helping people with panic and anxiety problems. I recommend her treatment 100%. She has made my life so much better.” ~ MD

On Death of a Sibling

“After my brother’s death, I was having difficulty dealing with the loss. I could not mention my brother’s name without crying. Valarie did some healing energy work on me and taught me how to tap on myself whenever I felt tearful. I started tapping every time I felt sadness. Right away I would feel better and no longer be tearful. I applied this technique frequently for several months and felt a major shift in my acceptance of his passing. Now whenever I feel sadness come over me I tap and then my thoughts turn to a calmer state and I no longer feel as distressed. The tapping seems to remove the cloud and I can accept the loss without adding more suffering.”  ~ DM

On Stress

“Prior to a group energy session healing circle with Valarie, I was feeling annoyed, irritable and stressed about some business relationships. I was not in the mood to join this online group, but I had made a commitment to try it, yet I was a bit annoyed about participating, especially since I was not in a good “mood”. After the 20 minute online session, I was surprised to notice that I was feeling relaxed and very content, and the issues no longer felt stressful. I slept great that night and in the morning, while the issues were not resolved, I felt better about myself and was no longer stressed about the outcome.” ~ JH

Our Pets


“After reading how people were using the some of the techniques I had been trained in, I read in England how people were achieving wonderful results on their pets.  I decided to use these on my dog who had developed seizures. Buddy would get them once a month, not often enough to put him on medication the vet stated. The seizures were awful to witness, for my dear dog was only 3 years old. The seizure would last about 20 minutes from start to finish, leaving my dog Buddy exhausted and thirsty. I would sit with him and let him know I was there for him to reassure I was not going to leave his side. Well I started using one of the techniques I had been trained in. What do you know? His seizures went from 20 minutes, to 10 minutes to 5 minutes and then he stopped getting them altogether.

Years have passed now and Buddy is 10 years old. Once in awhile Buddy has come to me with the same body language over the years when he was about to go into a seizure and I would immediately stop whatever I was doing to begin the treatment on him and within literally seconds Buddy would pull out of it. Since 2003 he has not had a seizure since. Amazing and magical or is it!” ~ VM

Reverse Sneezing

“Our 6 year old standard poodle started having reverse sneezing attacks. A reverse sneeze isn’t really a sneeze at all or an illness. While air is exhaled and forced out of the nose and mouth during a normal sneeze, reverse sneezing is forceful inhalation with air being sucked in. Her episodes of reverse sneezing started out as brief, lasting from a few seconds up to 15 minutes. During an attack she could not walk or move. I would rub her throat and close her nose so she would be forced to breathe normally again. After an “attack” she was exhausted and very “clingy.

The vet found no cause or need for medication and suspected possible environmental allergies, yet the reverse sneezing was now happening every day, sometimes several times a day. Valarie recommended that I do some energy healing work on her several times a day, using a tapping method that she taught me to use on myself. After a longer attack, I tried the tapping technique Valarie taught me. I applied the technique 2 times the first day, & three times a day the next day. It has been over six months and she has not has a reverse sneeze since! I have not had to tap on her for this condition since. I am very impressed! I will use this technique on her for any other issue that might come up because I know this can help.” ~ DM