Gregg Braden, Bladder Cancer dissolves in less than 3 minutes using The Language of Emotion

Gregg BradenFor over 25 years I have been a Injury Care Therapist. I’ve observed how we repeat our experiences in the past, repeat diagnoses, conditions and re-live traumatic experiences as if they are happening now. As a therapist looking for better ways to treat, I have attended lectures on pain management where data has been revealed that blind studies done on two groups of people, one group with no pain present with no physical complaints and the other group with many physical pain. The research group had these two groups put through X-rays, MRI  and CAT scans. The results; the group that experience no pain levels had conditions of Degenerative Disc Disorder, Slip Disc, Bulging disc, Spondylosis, Scoliosis etc… Yet they were pain free. The other group with many complaints of pain general show up with no conditions.

What that showed us at this conference is that pain is relative and greatly depends on your mental, emotional and thought conditions. Visualization has been used for decades by sports authorities to achieve their goals. So true with our health, our families and our planet.

William Tyler, Quantum Physicist, proved 15 years ago that the Entanglement Theory is no longer a theory. We are all inter connected. So when you pivot your thoughts and let go of what doesn’t serve you, anything is possible.  Check out Anita Moorjani, “Dying to Be Me” who create cancer in her body due to fear, then had a near death experience in a coma, came back to life and cured her cancer. How about Louise Hay of Hay House Publishing? Louise cured her cancer at 65 years of age by resolving issues from her past. Louise Hay who inspired me to change my own health over 20 years ago by changing my thoughts. Louise is the Mother of Affirmations to me.  Below is a video on Greg Braden. So journey further into healing possibilities. It is endless…

Gregg Braden presents a video showing cancer being cured (transformed really) in less than 3 minutes using a specific language of emotion. This specific ‘language of emotion’ can be created within all of us and anyone can learn it, By properly FEELING this e-motion within us with the intention ‘as if it has already happened’, we are able to mirror the expectation to this intelligent field that is all around us.

These clips are from a presentation called “Language of the Divine Matrix” recorded in Italy, May 30th 2007. During the video you will see the screen hidden at times but you are not missing anything since that entire part is shown right before, as you will see for yourselves. In this video the patient with the bladder cancer AND the three trained practitioners BOTH 1) believe this will take place and 2) expect that ‘it has already happened’.

(The video tape showed during Gregg’s live presentation was recorded at the Huaxia Zhineng Qigong Clinic and Training Center, the “medicineless hospital” in the city of Qinhuangdao, China.)

“When we change the way we look at THINGS… the THINGS we look at change!”


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