The Bond, Our Kinship with Animals Our Call to Defend Them

The Bond

The BondRecently, on NPR, National Public Radio, I was listening to this interview with Wayne Pacelle about the his book called “The Bond, Our Kinship with Animals, Our Call to Defend Them“.  The discussion was thought provoking and informative on how we are all ready to awaken to the way we EAT THEM!

We are ready for this information but it takes sharing info like this and everything else to help open our eyes, mind, consciousness and heart.


Here many of us in United States have pets in our homes and have a bond with these animals and love them dearly.  We call ourselves animal lovers.  Yet… we have this contradiction going on at the same time. All animals matter and all deserve respect and honor. Animals feel. And WE have an intellect. We do have standards. Our religious traditions, political traditions, all of these encourage us to be good to ones neighbor. We CAN expand these values to animals. We are ready for this. They have the same heart beat as we do too. They breath the same way as we do.

We are disconnected from our food farms and the horrible life these animals experience. We have a choice. Think about our food choice. There are no federal laws for animals in the slaughterhouses that are raised for food. These animals are making the ultimate sacrifice for us.

We need to stretch ourselves and do better. We used to have child and black slavery, we used to have child labor, women didn’t have the right to vote nor were they protected from their husbands abuse. African Americans were not allow to drink out of the same water fountain (how bizaar is that!) etc…We at one time thought this was normal and routine. Then we question it and said “hey this needs to change”.

Well, we are here now… we can do this now. We have a choice to choose Eggs that are cage free and range free. Animals that are grass feed etc…BUT WE need to do more.

Please listen to this radio interview, share it with others and lets be more mindful with our choices and speak up consciously for those WHO CAN’T.

One more thing to mention that ties in with what The Journey Within is all about… Energy! EVERYTHING, EVERY THOUGHT, EVERYTHING AROUND US IS ENERGY. We are all connected and one. I have said this for years… we are what we eat right!  We are eating unhappy animals who are anxious, sad, sacred and depressed. We have the highest depression levels in the world here in America. Hum… and we have the highest consumption of eating animals in the world! See the connection?

Please think about this. We are ready to stretch ourselves… we are not just a sleep in our lives are we?

Many Blessings,Valarie

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