The Gentle Art of Loving

IMG_0647Really “All we need is love”… The Beatles song had it right on. Love really does dissolve all things. How does your body feel when you feel love towards a pet, a loved one or yourself? When we feel love towards others, we expand. Our spirit, our aura expands. We enlarge. But when we think negative thoughts about others or ourselves we become dense, cut off, dark or if we loath parts of our body how do you think these body parts feels? How about rejected or criticize, unloved? Would you speak this way to a friend, a loved one, a pet or a child? Then why would we do this to ourselves?

[audio: Secret O’Life.mp3 ]

Truly the Secret to Life is … Enjoying the passage of time. This includes our process of aging. We didn’t come here to grow young. By being present and mindful in our thoughts and deeds everyday will create a life of added joy. Being of service to others, looking with a spot light on how we may be helpful to strangers, co-workers, our family and our loved ones brings joy and expands the love in the world. Honoring ourselves includes nourishing our bodies with foods that are alive and fresh along with healthy water that keeps energy flowing in our bodies.

Pivoting our thoughts that are not serving us and choosing thoughts or words that will create the kind of life we desire to have. “Be the change you want to see in the world.” Mahatma Gandhi stated. So starting with loving ourselves, every part of our selves but you might say “How do I love this or that about myself?”  By tapping… “Even though I feel this way about my … I let go of this criticism about…, I deeply chose to honor myself, I chose to trust life, I chose to create a wonderful life for myself, I let go of these thoughts and bless my journey, my body! May I be happy, May I be joyful, May I honor and nourish my body and mind! Infinite love and gratitude.”

Love is the answer. Love will open all areas in your life. Love dissolves all conflicts and it brings forth more abundance. When you look in the mirror … see Love.

Many Blessings, Valarie


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