In this section we will share and explore some of my favorite sites and suggestions for Healthy Eating. I have personally done the whole range of being Vegetarian, to a Vegan, to a carnivore many times. I have been on a healthy eating path since my early 20’s which has improved my health considerably.




Another discovery for good health is Lime Juice! I am so excited to find that by using organic Lime Juice under your arms prevents un-wanted odors and works like magic. This new to me affective treasure Lime Juice will not only help you smell better and works as a prevention, it is also economical as well. I store the lime juice in the refrigerator and use some every day. I am so amazed on how wonderful this works. Our under arms and breast area have many lymph nodes and is very important for your health not to put chemicals in these areas. Most anti-persperiants have ingredients like aluminum which are highly toxic.


Since the Fast Food Industry made its mark in our communities many decades ago, many of us are showing the results of consuming this life style and now suffering the results. With our economy shift in the recent year or so we are finding meal time with our families is creating closer family ties and a healthier body. The challenge is for some of us is to make the time to cook again and make the effort to spend it consciously experiencing our foods we are consuming and not just shoveling it down. Healthy eating is just getting back to basics. Since our budgets have become smaller many are finding savings in cooking again.

Below are some suggestions I have come to benefit from and you may as well. As we are becoming more aware of GMO’s in our food source responsible for the decline of our health and for the growing obesity epidemic here in America, we are becoming more mindful of what we are putting into our bodies. Eating organic is a must. And many of us are taking on growing vegetables and fruits.

Dara Dubinet to Jay Kordicks Live Foods Live Bodies to Forks Over Knives to Dr. Will Tuttle.

YouTube videos:

Dr. Will Tuttle, “Time to Wake Up: Vegan Living & World Peace”

Dr. Will Tuttle – Animal Rights Conference 2009

Dr. Will Tuttle – “The World Peace Diet,” An Interview with him

The World Peace Diet

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Water! Yes water, I believe is very important to Healthy Living. A few years back I purchase Jupiter Melody Ionizer from Pure Health Food store in Las Vegas.

Our fruits and vegetables, even organics are not as hydrated as they once were plus with our environmental toxicity has increase even more reason to drink more water to flush our systems out.

I had been using a Reverse Osmosis drinking system for the past 5 years. I even replace it once when it broke while living here. I believed I was drinking healthy quality water.  After purchasing Jupiter Melody Ionizer, just days later, 10 to be exact, I noticed the 2 moles on my left thigh which had become raised and darker over the last few years, I thought it was due to aging since I moved from Washington State, it began fading and going down from being raised. Now 14 months later one is so faded I can barely see it and the other is only faintly there and both are now flat, level with the rest of my skin on my thigh. Within 10 days of drinking this Alkaline water these moles were going down and fading! Wow… I highly recommend this system for better health.