Meditation is vital for helping you reconnect with your inner-self, allowing the quiet time you need to experience your journey of self discovery.

Meditation should last at least 20 minutes, as you become more experienced you may choose to extend your meditations. Set a timer so that you do not have to watch the clock.

Start by finding a quiet, safe place where you will not be disturbed, meditation should be done in silence. You can sit cross legged in traditional meditation style on the floor or if you find this uncomfortable, use a comfortable chair instead. The most important thing is to be comfortable and well supported.

When you are sitting comfortably, just relax, let go, do nothing. Now close your eyes and take some deep breath. Now start observing your breathing. Let your thoughts gradually quiet down. Try to be aware of your breathing, gently let your breathing become deep and regular. If a thought comes to you, then just observe it, do not add to it with any active participation. Focus your entire attention on the breathing and follow it as it travels inside your body and comes out. Follow the breath in its entire route from inhalation through exhalation.
Just watch your breath as it moves in your body. Don’t be attached with it.

  • When it comes – watch it.
  • When it goes – Watch it.
  • Be an observer, be a witness. Remember You are not your thoughts. You are the observer of them.

This can be very challenging, but think of it as a training of the mind. There will be distractions as you watch. There will be floods of thoughts. You will be carry away by different kind of thoughts. This is what the mind does, it thinks, it wanders, it runs on and on like passing clouds. Gently bring your attention back to the breath, without judgment. If your attention is diverted 100 times, bring it gently back to focusing on the breathing 100 times. Slowly all thoughts will start settling down. Watch your breathing. Keep watching and you will be in meditation. When the timer goes off gently open your eyes and give thanks.

Just as an a side note, keep in mind this is called a meditation practice, because it takes a lifetime of practice to cultivate mindfulness so just enjoy the journey. 

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“Meditation is the highest form of activity a man can perform.”